Institutional Biosafety Committee Forms

New Application

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) approval of recombinant DNA and biohazardous research projects is effective for three years. Principal investigators (PIs) must complete an IBC Annual Renewal each year to continue work for up to three years after the initial approval. After three years, the application must be resubmitted and reviewed by the committee.

IBC Application (Biological Use Authorization)

For any investigator planning to work with recombinant DNA and/or biological agents at BSL-2 or higher. Amendments and annual renewals are also completed in RIMS.

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IBC Closure Form

IBC Closure Form

For any investigator who needs to close a previously approved IBC Protocol.  This form must be completed and will be shared with EHS Research Safety to confirm appropriate transfer of materials or decommissioning of laboratory space, as needed.

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Strain Verification

Strain Verification Template Form

For any investigator planning to work with the Verification of the Identity of Attenuated Pathogens policy. This form must be completed and reviewed by the committee to verify the identity of the attenuated pathogen.

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