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If you need to make changes to your registration or withdraw from classes:

Class adjustments (Drops)

After registering for classes, you can adjust your class schedule any time during the registration and Drop period on a seats-available basis by going to the Student Link. Requirements and refund policies for dropping a class vary—consult your School or College for details.

Please see Important Dates to determine deadlines for making changes your schedule.

Leave of absence/withdrawal

A leave of absence is a temporary break in your studies; your return to the University is expected once the period of your leave has ended. A withdrawal is permanent—if you wish to return to the University, you must re-apply through the Office of Admissions. If you enroll as a degree candidate at another institution, you must withdraw from Boston University.

Withdrawing from all courses (dropping total course load)

A student who is registered for a semester and who decides not to attend must file an Official Withdrawal or Leave of Absence form. These forms are available through your online Program Coordinator. The withdrawal of leave of absence is effective on the date the form is received in the appropriate office. Mere absence from classes does not reduce a student's financial obligation nor guarantee that a final grade will not be recorded.

An important message about your tuition obligation

Please be aware of Boston University's policy regarding any student's due and/or unpaid financial obligation to the University. For more information, please visit Important Notice Having Legal Consequences.