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Physical Education, Health Education, and Coaching Boston University School of Education

Note: The Physical Education, Health, and Coaching online certificate program is no longer accepting new applications as it is under a moratorium beginning in Fall 2014.

The following courses will be offered as individual courses: SED HE 523 OL Applied Nutrition and SED PE 501 Methods of Coaching.


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of our children through physical education, health education, and sport? Learn about our 16-credit graduate online certificate Online Graduate Certificate in Physical Education, Health Education, and Coaching

This graduate online certificate, designed and offered by Boston University School of Education through the Office of Distance Education, provides instruction in three specializations for students to acquire a foundation of knowledge, teaching methods, as well as research and theories in Physical Education, Health Education, and Coaching. This all-online Certificate is designed for individuals who work with children or adults in physical education, physical activity, health, and coaching settings, from school, non-profit organizations, recreational settings, and a wide variety of amateur and other coaching situations. Whether one is a licensed physical education or health education teacher in the schools, a first-year youth sport coach, a classroom teacher who wants to learn about physical activity, a recent graduate from college, or someone seeking professional development to enter a new field related to sports and physical activity, this certificate is for you.

Who will benefit from the program? (Non licensure)

  • Professionals without preparation in physical education or health education
  • Teachers from independent schools who coach and teach sports, but who do not have any training in physical education, nutrition, or coaching
  • Practitioners teaching physical education or health education who want to enroll in first level graduate courses for professional development
  • Coaches who work with any age, skill, or sport
  • Those from the business world or other careers who want to enter the teaching or coaching field
  • Fitness specialists who want to broaden their career opportunities
  • Students who want to complete graduate credits as part of a certificate program before applying for admission to a degree program (Some or all of these classes may be applied to a Boston University Master’s of Education degree.)

Advantages of the program

  • The Physical Education, Health Education, and Coaching Certificate is an all online certificate program
  • You do not need a background in sports or physical education to enroll
  • You do not need an undergraduate degree in physical education, health education, or sports to enroll
  • Course materials and assignments can be accessed any time-anywhere
  • You can begin and end the program any time
  • You can take one or all four classes
  • You can apply some or all of the graduate credits to other School of Education campus-based degree programs depending on the type of program you enter. You must also earn a grade of B or better in the class and you must be accepted to the campus-based degree program. Graduate students are admitted into the Physical Education, Health and Coaching Program through the standard graduate admissions process for the on-campus degree programs.
    • For example, if you complete the 16-credit Certificate, all 16 credits can be used for a non-licensure track Ed. M. with the Physical Education, Health Education and Coaching Programs. Note that all four courses only count when entering the non-licensure track programs and you must apply and be accepted to the graduate programs through the School of Education.
    • If you elect to enter a Physical Education licensure track campus-based program, then SEDPE508 and SEDRS600 would transfer. A Health Education licensure track Ed. M. campus-based program would accept SEDHE523 and SEDRS600.

Getting Started: Students may apply to begin at any time—all you need is an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution and a completed application form.