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Physical Education, Health Education, and Coaching Boston University School of Education

Note: The Physical Education, Health, and Coaching online certificate program is no longer accepting new applications as it is under a moratorium beginning in Fall 2014.

The following courses will be offered as individual courses: SED HE 523 OL Applied Nutrition and SED PE 501 Methods of Coaching.


The Boston University Online Graduate Certificate in Physical Education, Health Education, and Coaching consists of four online courses. Interested students have the option of taking all four courses required to earn the graduate certificate, or simply registering for the courses that interest them most.

  • SED HE 523 Applied Nutrition

    Essential principles of nutrition applied to educational programs in school and community agencies. Enrichment of courses in heath education, nursing education, and allied health fields. Presentations by outstanding leaders in the areas of nutrition, medicine, public health, and education. 4 cr, either sem. [ 4 cr.]

  • SED PE 501 Methods of Coaching

    Principles and problems in coaching various individual and team sports. Theory and techniques in coaching including offensive and defensive strategy and scouting. Women's and men's sports. The online version of this course is offered each summer. 4cr, 1st sem. [ 4 cr.]

  • SED PE 508 Curriculum and Special Methods for Physical Education

    Examines societal and educational variables associated with development of innovative programs of physical education. Emphasizes curriculum trends, current practices, and constructing courses of study in schools and agencies. 4 cr, 1st sem. [ 4 cr.]

  • SED RS 600 Introduction to Research

    This course introduces students to the skills and methods used in conducting research and in establishing the criteria for identifying research-based practice, interventions and curriculum in education settings. Students will become familiar with quantitative, mixed method, and action research approached to inquiry. Students will develop skills in conducting literature searched, examining empirical research studies and learning how to apply these methods to answer questions that are relevant to their graduate program area. Students should leave this course better consumers of research findings presented in the mass media, able to critically read primary research articles and able to participate in research-based efforts to improve education. 4cr, either sem. [ 4 cr.]

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