Institutional Research

Institutional Research, as part of Budget, Planning, and Institutional Research, at Boston University provides statistics and information in support of the University’s planning, management, and budgetary processes. Institutional Research ensures accurate and detailed data and analyses, including:

  • Projection of enrollment, tuition & financial aid, and data in support of the University’s budget planning process.
  • Development of undergraduate retention and graduation statistics.
  • Collection and analysis of key information regarding the University’s faculty, staff, and student populations.
  • Coordination of data for governmental, informational, and ranking submissions (as per the Boston University’s Data Policy).
  • Production andĀ maintenanceĀ of statistical profiles and reports (including the Common Data Set).
  • Data support for all University schools and offices.

Institutional Research is a member of the Association of Institutional Research (AIR), the North East Association for Institutional Research (NEAIR), the Colonial Group Consortium, and the Boston Consortium for Higher Education.

BPIR – Budget Support Materials (Sharepoint)

Budget Hearing Sharepoint Instructions