Graduate Student

Where do students live?

Boston truly is a “city of neighborhoods.” From stately brownstones and upscale shopping in the Back Bay to the mom-and-pop convenience stores, triple-deckers, and single-family homes of Allston, Brighton, and Mission Hill, Boston offers a rich cultural and ethnic diversity with something for everyone. Whether you would prefer a more densely-populated neighborhood with trendy restaurants, a thriving nightlife, and proximity to the BU campus or a quieter residential suburb less than an hour outside of the city, you are sure to find housing to suit your lifestyle and budget. Choosing the neighborhood that best suits your personality will be an important first step in your housing search.

Allston and Brighton, two distinct communities on the western edge of the Charles River campus, are especially popular with our undergraduate students. Brookline, which borders BU to the south, is also home to many of our undergraduates. Students enrolled in the School of Medicine and the Goldman School of Dental Medicine typically prefer to live in the South End, Back Bay, and South Boston, neighborhoods surrounding BU’s medical campus.  While many graduate students are clustered in the Back Bay, South End, Brookline, and the Kenmore/Fenway area, some commute in from the suburbs. Cambridge, Somerville, and Arlington to the north of Boston and Newton to the west are often good options for graduate students.  Descriptions of these and other Boston neighborhoods can be found here.

What is the cost for housing?

Rent prices can vary greatly between neighborhoods in Boston. The rent comparison chart shows a range of what, in general, you should expect to pay in monthly rent relative to apartment size and neighborhood location.

Can I apply for on-campus housing?

Boston University’s Office of Rental Property Management offers a variety of accommodations, from studios to one- and two-bedroom apartments for full-time graduate students, faculty, and staff. The units are conveniently located on or near the Charles River campus and require a 12-month lease.  Most accommodations include heat and hot water.  To learn more about the rooms and apartments available through this office, call 617-353-4101 or visit

How do I search the off-campus listings?

Access to our listings is restricted to the Boston University community. You must have a valid BU login and Kerberos password to view postings.

Newly admitted students who have not yet received their BU login name and Kerberos password, and wish to access our listings, should visit to set up an account.