Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance (sometimes referred to as “homeowner’s insurance”) is a way of protecting your valuables and property in the event of a disaster. Most policies cover the cost of replacing your property in the case of damage or destruction due to fire, water damage, theft, or other unexpected event.

Most students do not think about renter’s insurance, simply because they do not believe it is necessary in temporary living situations. In some cases, students do not know that renter’s insurance even exists.

Renter’s insurance is important because it specifically covers the value of your property. Many landlords have insurance to protect their property, including the building they own. But, their insurance coverage does not offer tenants who live in their buildings any security. Renter’s insurance can cover the cost of new furniture, new computers, new TVs, and other expensive electronic equipment, as well as clothing, if you were to lose them in a fire or other disaster.

The following websites can help identify an insurance provider that works with your needs:

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