Please note that Off-Campus Services does not own, inspect, endorse, or recommend any property listed in our database.  Furthermore, we do not contact or intercede with landlords, realtors, or roommates on behalf of any member of the BU community.  But we can point you in the right direction if you are experiencing any difficulties living off-campus.


Find a Roommate
Whether you are currently living off-campus and need a roommate, or if you are moving to Boston for the first time and need to find someone with whom to live, we encourage you to participate in the online forum.  As with any online venue, please acquire as much information as possible before making a final decision or signing a lease.  Please note – this roommate meeting forum is for the Boston University community only.  It you wish to search for other roommate matching options, please visit our “Helpful Web Links” for more resources.

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Helpful Tips and Web Links
Information to further assist you in your search for housing, plus links to other listing sites.

Before you sign a lease…
Valuable resources regarding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and transactions with real estate agencies and brokers.

Public Transportation
BU students are eligible to participate in the MBTA Student Semester Pass program.

Students Off-Campus
The student government for off-campus and commuter students.

In Boston for only a short period of time? Our list of area hotels will help you locate places to stay during your visit.