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Development of an Instructional Project Elective

Goal: The purpose of this elective is to provide the 4 th year student with the content and skills to be able to design and develop instructional projects for the current medical school curriculum and for their future roles as physicians, researchers and educators.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the educational elective experience, the 4 th year student will be able to:

  • Write a goal and learning objectives for an instructional project (upon approval of topic and method by preceptors- a content expert and educational consultant)
  • Prepare a content outline based on a review of literature of the project content using 3-4 subtopics
  • Select the instructional and evaluation strategies for the project
  • Implement the project’s design into a developmental draft of the project for assessment by the preceptors and a beta class

Course Directors: Jodi Abbott. M.D., (617-414-5153), Jodi.Abbott@bmc.org and Gail March, Ph.D. (617) 414-7440, gmarch@bu.edu

Number of Students: 2- 5

Course Description:
During a four week time period, the BUSM IV student has the opportunity to develop an educational project designed to complement the current medical school curriculum. The structure of the elective will focus on integrating nontraditional curricular formats such as: web based computer modules, standardized patients and simulation experiences into the medical school curriculum.

Educational content is at the discretion of the medical student and preceptor(s) and innovation is encouraged. Content could be along current course based objectives. Integration of content from related fields, basic science and clinical medicine, or current “orphan” topics such as bioinfomatics, nutrition, end of life care, or population health is also encouraged. Design of a project from the currently identified Vertical Integration Groups of the medical school: “the Body”, “the Mind”, and “Neoplasia” is also encouraged.

During this elective the student is expected to research the content, design the project, develop a conceptual draft and plan implementation of a specific project which will focus on content based on learning objectives from current curricular and LCME guidelines. With the assistance of (a) field specific preceptor(s) the student will be responsible for the development of the project, research related to educational content, and will be expected to complete all but the implementation aspects of the project by the completion of the designated research block. It is hoped that the project would be suitable for presentation at a research or educational meeting.

Start Date: July 3, 2007

Elective Schedule:
Week 1

  • Discussion topic – Student meets with preceptor to discuss possible instructional project and needs of targeted audience
  • Due – Possible ideas for instructional project
  • Evaluation – Preceptor accepts and signs for development of the project idea
  • Assignment – Prepare a project title, a review of literature and selection of instructional method

Week 2

  • Discussion topic – Writing a goal, learning objectives and evaluation strategy based on the learning objectives
  • Due – A project title, a review of literature and selection of instructional method
  • Evaluation – Preceptor reviews and accepts the project title, review of literature and instructional method selected by student (10% of grade)
  • Assignment – Write a content outline/storyboard, goal, learning objectives and selection of evaluation strategy

Week 3

  • Discussion topic – Production planning
  • Due — A content outline/storyboard, goal, learning objectives and selection of evaluation strategy
  • Evaluation – Preceptor assesses the content outline/storyboard, goal, learning objectives and selection of evaluation strategy (30% of grade)
  • Assignment – Prepare a draft of presentation

Week 4

  • Discussion topic – Evaluation of instructional materials
  • Due – Draft presentation of Instructional Project and follow up plans to complete the production of the project given to Preceptor and other 4 th year students as a beta class
  • Evaluation – Preceptor and 4 th year students will evaluate the instructional project for its educational value – not its technical quality since it is a draft (50%)
  • Assignment — Complete production of the project after receiving feedback from the Preceptor and beta class