3. Academic Ranks Under Consideration, Task Force Process, and Membership


3.1.    Academic Ranks Under Consideration

The Task Force focused its work on faculty holding full-time (9- or 12-month) appointments or 75% FTE non-tenure-track appointments on the Charles River Campus. The academic titles and ranks under consideration and their general responsibilities, as described in the report, include:

  • Standard (unmodified) Titles: (Instructor), Assistant, Associate, (Full) Professors involved in the traditional triad of research, teaching, and service.
  • Modified Titles:
    • Clinical: (Instructor), Assistant, Associate, (Full) Professor “…primarily provide practical instruction and application of practical knowledge” (BU Faculty Handbook, Classification of Ranks and Titles).
    • Of the Practice: Associate, (Full) Professor are “distinguished practitioners in their respective professions and whose primary responsibilities lie in teaching, mentoring, and service to the University” (BU Faculty Handbook, Classification of Ranks and Titles).
    • Research: Assistant, Associate, (Full) Professor “fulfill the research qualifications of the standard professorial or Instructor ranks and . . . work for the University on research supported by external grants and contracts. . . .  Research appointments are for the stated term of the appointment with no guarantee or expectation of renewal.“ (BU Faculty Handbook, Classification of Ranks and Titles).
  • Standard Lecturer Titles: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Master Lecturer (primarily teaching responsibilities)

The Task Force did not consider Adjunct, Visiting, and Affiliated/Secondary appointments, Artist in Residence, or Executive in Residence, and part-time appointments at any rank.