6. NTT Faculty Roles and Titles


As can be expected in a large research university with a broad range of fields, faculty roles and responsibilities vary greatly across colleges and often across departments of the same school. While this diversity by and large reflects legitimate differences in subject matter and department/college needs, we also found differences resulting from inconsistent policies or short-term opportunistic solutions. The situation is especially complicated when an NTT and T/TT appointment in the same college carry the same title but have different teaching loads (typically higher for the NTT) and responsibilities (typically less teaching and more research for the T/TT).

In the following, we will briefly review typical NTT faculty roles in the different title categories for CRC colleges with significant numbers of NTT faculty. The specifics of academic responsibilities at different colleges gave us the context for understanding the main issues faced by NTT faculty and were the basis for formulating general recommendations. We believe these recommendations to be generic yet flexible enough to allow the schools and colleges to formulate interpretations and procedures that reflect their individual needs, standards, and requirements.