Noyce Award Commitments

SC 575: Preparing the lesson

Karl, Kate, Michael, Keiichi, and Jeff (far right) learning from master pipetter Don (Note the stylish safety glasses) 

The Boston University Noyce Urban Science Scholarship (BoNUSS) award for the MAT in Science Education pays for summer tuition for ten credits and one-third of the academic year tuition for two semesters for Noyce Scholars to earn a MAT degree to teach science. The Boston University School of Education further provides a 2/3 scholarship for two semesters of academic year tuition. The combination of these two scholarships pays for full tuition for the MAT program.

For undergraduate Noyce Scholars, Project BoNUSS pays for the full tuition for the summer semester plus 1/3 tuition for the senior year.

In return, the following is expected of Noyce Scholars:

  1. Project BoNUSS MAT Noyce Scholars must complete their program within the one-year of Noyce Scholarship support (a summer term consecutive with two academic year semesters). Scholars who begin in the summer must finish the program for the following year May graduation. Scholars who begin in fall will graduate in the summer of the following year.
  2. Project BoNUSS Undergraduate Noyce Scholars must complete their program during the summer between their junior and senior years, and during their senior year. Undergraduate Noyce Scholars are expected to graduate in May of the year following the summer in which they began the BoNUSS Program.
  3. After graduation, Noyce Scholars are required to spend two years teaching in a high need district. The Scholars are responsible for finding their own employment in such a district. A good faith effort is expected by the Scholar to find employment in a high need district. If the Scholar cannot find employment in a high need district in the first or succeeding years after graduation, then the Scholar must document this for NSF. Such documentation might take the form of copies of multiple rejection letters from high need schools. The Scholar has 8 years after graduation to complete the two-year service requirement in a high need district. If a Scholar does not complete the requirement of teaching in a high need school, the Scholar is required to repay the portion of the scholarship that was paid for with Noyce funds.
  4. The Noyce Scholar will sign a promissory note to Boston University to the effect that the Scholar understands their obligation to repay the Noyce Scholarship money if the Noyce Scholar does not fulfill the obligation of teaching for two years in a high need district.