Boston University’s Noyce Urban Science Scholarship Program (Project BoNUSS)

Left to Right: Melissa, Shereen, Clark, Kristina, and Nick


The Boston University Noyce Urban Science Scholarship (BoNUSS) Program is beginning its fourth year. Project BoNUSS provides scholarship support for students preparing to be science teachers. Since the 2013-2014 school year, 22 students have earned a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT Program) and 3 students have earned their undergraduate degrees in science education. All of our students are currently teaching in schools in the Greater Boston Area and around the nation. Cohort 4 is currently working preparing to join the previous cohorts in the field after they finish their teacher preparation courses. By discipline, five general science, four chemistry, seven biology, and fourteen physics teachers have or are completing our program. More information on our scholars can be found here: Profiles of Noyce BoNUSS Scholars.

In return for Noyce Scholarship support, Project BoNUSS Scholars make the commitment that after completing their program at Boston University they will teach science in a high need school district for two years. More about the Noyce Scholarship Award commitments.

Project BoNUSS MAT students take their pedagogy courses together. The Project BoNUSS MAT Program courses. Project BoNUSS undergraduates take a similar program.

Students who complete our program have the opportunity to complete their pre-service practiums (student teaching) in several high-need schools in the Greater Boston area. Our students have worked in:

Boston Green Academy (in Boston Public)
Boston Latin Academy (in Boston Public)
Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (Cambridge Public)
Charlestown High School (Boston Public)
Chelsea High School (Chelsea Public)
Eugene Wright Science and Technology Academy (Chelsea Public)
The Fenway School (Boston Public)
Garfield Middle School (Revere Public)
John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science (Boston Public)
Malden High School (Malden Public)
Somerville High School (Somerville Public)

Project BoNUSS Noyce Scholars are drawn from three target groups:

    • Science graduate students from all colleges and universities interested in becoming teachers and committed to teaching in high need districts are encouraged to apply to the Project BoNUSS MAT Program.
    • Science professionals who have been working in scientific careers interested in making a career change to science teaching in a high need district are also encouraged to apply to Project BoNUSS MAT Program.
    • Boston University undergraduate science majors graduating by May, 2017. BU undergraduate science majors who are interested in becoming teachers and teaching in a high need district are encouraged to apply for the Noyce Scholarship for their senior year. 

If you are interested in applying, we look forward to hearing from you!  Requirements and procedure for application.

Billy, Ali, Michael, Amy, Jessica, Rachel, Jeff, Elaine, Karl

Cohort 1 – Billy, Ali, Michael, Amy, Jessica, Rachel, Jeff, Elaine, Karl