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Research and Evaluation: Boston University’s Noyce Scholarship Programs

Brandon 3The Research and Evaluation Study is a three-year study that will use a longitudinal, mixed methods, comparative design to extend and expand the current program evaluation of BU’s Noyce Scholarship Programs. The study will track and compare four groups of teachers:

  1. Noyce Scholars who have graduated from BU’s MAT program in Mathematics,
  2. Alumni of Teach For America Boston who have taken some mathematics education courses at BU, but who were certified through an alternative certification program,
  3. Alumni of BU’s traditional undergraduate mathematics education program who teach in high need schools, and
  4. Colleagues of BU Noyce scholars in the schools where they teach.

Using survey data and collections of artifacts of practice, the study will examine:

  1. the characteristics and career trajectories of Noyce Program alumni who remain teaching in high need schools beyond their required service commitment, and
  2. whether the teaching practices of Noyce Program alumni differ from the practices of colleagues in their high need schools. The findings of this study will have implications for Noyce programs and for teacher education programs that prepare mathematics teachers to teach in high need schools.