Math for America Boston: Noyce Teaching scholars program

Catherine, Desa, Sara, Zach

The Math for America Boston: Teaching Scholars Program (2009-2015) is a collaboration of faculty in the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences, the Math for America program, and seven high-need school districts.  The goal of this Noyce program is to recruit and support math teachers with exceptional content knowledge for work in high need districts.  This program works with Master Teachers and Teaching Fellows.  Master Teachers are highly qualified and experienced secondary math teachers (middle or high school) in high-need Boston area school systems who also are instructional leaders in their schools.  Teaching Fellows are outstanding graduates who majored in mathematics or professionals who wished to change careers and become teachers of math.

The Master Teachers and Teaching Fellows associated with the Math for America Boston: Teaching Scholars Program at B.U. are currently working in high-need districts and schools.  The program is no longer accepting applicants.  For additional information, go to Math for America Boston (

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