NOYCE Scholars Travel To Philadelphia for First Annual Northeast NOYCE Conference

In October, four Noyce Scholars and the MfA director traveled to Philadelphia to take part in the first annual Northeast Noyce Conference.  The attendees were Dr. Eileen Lee (MfA Boston), Rachel DeBiase (Noyce ’12), Mark Leach (Noyce ’12), Kate Harney (MfA ’12), and John Gilling (MfA ’12).

During the conference, the participants attended a variety of sessions on different topics and participated in networking sessions including a dinner of all attendees.   All of the scholars who attended are currently still completing their course work and appreciated that the conference focused on preparing them for teaching.  DeBiase noted, “I felt that the conference was a reminder of why I am spending hours studying, observing, and discussing education.  I enjoyed the fact that there was a focus on the principles of good teaching rather than solely focusing on math techniques.”  Harney agreed commenting, “I thought the most helpful workshop sessions were the first
year teacher survival guide and the Boston Public Schools recruiter; I will definitely use things that I learned when I start looking for jobs.”

The scholars also said that they felt inspired by the end of the conference.   Especially inspiring was a key notes speech by the 2011 National Teacher of the Year who spoke about his experiences starting an after school program in West Philadelphia.

Harney summed up all the scholars experiences by saying, “Overall, I felt like we got a lot of practical, realistic information.”