NCTM Regional Conference in Hartford Provides a Variety of Valuable Experiences for Noyce Pre-service Teachers

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On October 25th, the pre-service Noyce Scholars and MfA teaching fellows journeyed to Hartford to take part in the NCTM Regional Conference.  It is safe to say that they were very excited and inspired by the many activities they got to take part in.   First, and foremost the scholars were excited to find a community of teachers who were so dedicated to their jobs.  Vivian Buchanan (MfA ’13) commented, “It was really fun to see so many other math enthusiasts! I got to  chat with other teachers who are as excited about math as I am.”

Another highlight for the scholars was wandering the exhibit hall.  Buchanan added, “We also got to see tons of cool textbooks, manipulatives, and other materials that are available for math classrooms.”  Danielle Pike (MfA ’13) agreed, stating, “I enjoyed walking around the vendors and seeing all the manipulatives and resources that were available to me.”

The scholars also got to attend a number of talks about a variety of topics including handling the first year of teaching, the teaching and learning of proofs, and working with bilingual students.  Laura Giberson (Noyce ’13) reported, “At one of the NCTM talks, I gained a lot of insight to how group work enhances teaching in bilingual classrooms. I will definitely take what I learned from this talk into a classroom with ELL students.”

The scholars ended the day looking forward to the chance to attend more NCTM Conferences once they became practicing teachers.

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