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2013-2014 Noyce students travel to Philadelphia

2013-2014 Noyce students travel to Philadelphia

Stories about the Noyce scholars teaching and the many activities they participate in:

BEST Noyce Project featured in news article

November 21, 2014
Inspiration Ambassadors Teach Educators the Power of Engineering!  “We’re trying to help teachers connect kids who love math with the workforce needs of the future,” said Fougere. “When an eighth grader sees that computer literacy can lead to so many exciting careers and we help excite them to learn math, new worlds of possibility arise and everybody wins. Kids could create the next Angry Birds®, not just play these fun games.”

Boston University Noyce Student selected for special STAR summer program in California

April, 2014
Samantha Bell was accepted into the Air Force Research Laboratory at the Edwards Air Force Base in Palmdale, CA.

Math Education Fellows Attend the Annual Northeast Conference in Philadelphia, PA in March 2014

March, 2014
Fellows in the BEST Noyce program and the Boston Math for America Noyce cohort enjoyed the Northeast Noyce Conference in Philadelphia.

Governor Deval Patrick visits Noyce Master Teacher

September 18, 2013
Governor Deval Patrick visited the classroom of Noyce Master Teacher Ryan Casey’s math class at Orchard Gardens School. Read More »

Solving Our National Math Problems

Summer, 2013
Noyce Scholars at City on a Hill Charter School work to improve mathematics education using the discourse methods they have learned about through the program. See page 6-7 of the attached Summer-2013-Issue to learn more about the work of SED graduates and Noyce scholars Karen Levin and Catherine Wilwerth. Read More »

NCTM Regional Conference in Hartford Provides a Variety of Valuable Experiences for Noyce Pre-service Teachers

October, 2012
The NCTM Regional Conference in Hartford provided an excellent opportunity for Noyce pre-service teachers to learn about teaching. Read More »

Noyce Scholars Learn A Lot at The Second Annual Northeast Conference

October, 2012
Five cohorts of Noyce scholars attend the conference to learn about teaching and network. Read More »

Noyce Scholars Journey to West Warrick to Take Part in ATMNE

November, 2011
A mix of pre-service and in-service teacher took part in the annual New England meeting. Read More »

NOYCE Scholars Travel To Philadelphia for First Annual Northeast NOYCE Conference

October, 2011
In October, four Noyce Scholars and the MfA director traveled to Philadelphia to take part in the first annual Northeast Noyce Conference. Read More »

Noyce Scholars Present on The PROMYS Program at Annual Conference

July, 2011
Members of the Noyce Scholarship Team had the opportunity to present a unique feature of the Boston University program to a national audience. Read More »

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