Injury Analysis & Prevention Lab

Injury Analysis Lab Image


Researchers in the lab study injury mechanisms related to postural control during slip and fall.

Biomechanical, neurophysiological, electrophysiological, and epidemiological tools are used to develop a better understanding of mechanisms causing injury.


  • BALDER (BALance DisturbER)
  • Ascension Technology MotionStar
  • Ariel Performance Analysis System
  • Northern Digital Optotrak 3020
  • (2) Kistler 9284 Portable Force Platform
  • AMTI Force Platform
  • Customized DelSys EMG Acquisition System
  • Balderini (portable linear-translation balance disturber)
  • Balderina (inverted pendulum demonstrator)
  • (2) Microstar DAP3200 Data Acquisition Processor