Carlo J. De Luca

Surface EMG

Original Reports

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Book Chapters

Merletti R and De Luca CJ. Crosstalk in surface electromyography. In: Desmedt JE (Ed). Computer-Aided Electromyography and Expert Systems, Elsevier, Holland, 137-142, 1989.

Roy SH and De Luca CJ. Evolving characteristics of the median frequency of the EMG signal. In:  Desmedt JE (Ed). Computer-Aided Electromyography and Expert Systems, Elsevier, Holland,  205-221, 1989.

Conference Papers

Meltzner GS, Sroka J, Heaton JT, Gilmore LD, Colby G, Roy SH, Chen N, and De Luca CJ. Speech recognition for vocalized and subvocal modes of production using surface EMG signals from neck and face, Interspeech, Brisbane, Australia, September 2008. (pdf)

Colby G, Heaton JT, Gilmore LD, Sroka J, Bend Y, Cabrera J, Roy SH, De Luca CJ, and Meltzner GS. Sensor subset selection for surface electromyography based speech recognition, International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Las Vegas, March – April 2008. (pdf)