About MyPrint

What is MyPrint?

  • MyPrint is a print system managed by Information Services & Technology (IS&T). It provides accounting and remote printing capabilities for institutional facilities, such as the Print Center @ Mugar.

How can I begin using MyPrint?

  • To install the MyPrint printer drivers and begin using MyPrint, please refer to the Using MyPrint documentation at www.bu.edu/tech/help/myprint/.

What are the benefits of using MyPrint?

  • You are able to print from any computer connected to the BU campus network as long as you have an active BU login name and Kerberos password.
  • You will have to release a print request in order for it to be printed.
  • The charge associated with each print request will be displayed before and after you release it. MyPrint will debit your Convenience Points account if you exceed your BU print allocation, as outlined below.

How does MyPrint affect students?

  • Students have more flexibility: They are able to submit print requests from any computer connected to the campus network, including their own.
  • Each undergraduate student is allocated 100 sheets of paper per semester.
  • Most graduate students are allocated 500 sheets per semester.
  • On the Charles River Campus, allocations will be reset each semester. Please note that unused allocations from the previous semester will not carry over.
  • Once your allocation has been exhausted, a per sheet charge will be applied via the University Convenience Points system.

How does the queue and release system work?

  • When you submit a print request, it is placed in a queue awaiting your authorization to release it for printing. You may release a print request as follows:
    1. Go to any web browser and authenticate to the MyPrint web application;
    2. Review your print request list; this list shows information on each pending request, including the number of sheets, the date and time of submission, the destination printer, and the charge to print the request if released.
    3. Select the items you wish to release for printing; MyPrint will display what if any charges apply to print the jobs you release.
  • Unreleased print requests will be held in the MyPrint system for 24 hours.

Where are MyPrint printers located?

  • The University's primary print location is the new Print Center on the first floor of Mugar Library.
  • All print locations are available on BU Maps.

What happens if I release a print request to a facility that is closed?

  • MyPrint will hold your released request and it will be printed when the facility opens.

What types of printing are provided?

  • Black and white printing on 8½" x 11" paper.
  • Stapled output will also be available at the Print Center @ Mugar.
  • Both double-sided (duplex) and single-sided (simplex) printing are available; duplex is the default when printing from public stations located in the BU Common @ Mugar.

What about printing for faculty and staff?

  • Faculty and staff will be allocated 100 sheets per semester. Expanded or unlimited allocations can be established via requisition. The requisition should be made out to Information Services & Technology and should include the following:
    • the number of additional sheets being requested
    • the total amount being transferred ($0.08 per additional sheet being requested)
    • the login name(s) to which the additional sheet allocation should
      be assigned
    • the internal vendor code: 9 BY3

Will the University provide MyPrint allocations for summer students?

  • Summer allocations on the Charles River Campus will be granted to faculty, staff, and students registered for Summer Term courses. Continuing students who are not registered for Summer Term courses will not receive Summer Term allocations. Medical Campus allocations will vary depending on the academic calendar. Sheets are allocated once at the beginning of the Summer Term for both summer sessions.

How can summer term students print beyond their allocations?

  • Once your allocation has been exhausted, per-sheet charge will be applied via the University Convenience Points system.
  • Convenience Points accounts are not available for non-degree summer term students.

How long will the MyPrint centers retain printout that has been released and printed?

  • At most locations (including Mugar and all residences) every effort will be made to hold printed jobs for five days before they are recycled.