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Trying the Twinkie diet? Not so fast…

November 9th, 2010 in Nutrition 1 comment

As a registered dietitian and nutrition professor at Boston University, I have known for decades, that when it comes to weight loss, the magic two words are:  Calories Count.

If you consume less calories than you need, you will lose weight.

When overweight individuals lose weight, short term health indicators often improve.  For example, a person’s blood pressure and cholesterol may decrease to a healthier range.  However, if the weight reducing diet was mainly from sweets and treats, you are robbing your body of nutrients, such as antioxidants that are anti-aging and good for long term health.  A better bet would be to consume a calorie reducing, plant-based well-balanced diet that not only is kind to your waist but also you heart, mind, and soul. – SAR Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake

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