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Professor Voices — The Final Super Tuesday, and the road ahead

Virginia Sapiro is a Boston University professor of political science and an expert on public opinion, political behavior and electoral politics. She is also a former director of the American National Election Studies, the major scholarly survey of American voters that has been in operation since 1948. She broke down the results of what the media has called […]

Professor Voices — Super Tuesday results, analyzed in Massachusetts and beyond

Super Tuesday has come and gone, and Massachusetts voters (as well as voters from 11 other states and American Samoa) have spoken their minds. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton came out largely victorious, but Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders notched some victories as well. What does this mean for Massachusetts, and for the election going […]

Professor Voices — 2016 Iowa caucuses explained, analyzed

The Iowa caucuses took place yesterday, Feb. 1, and were the first major electoral event decision point in of the nominating process for the United States’ next president. Ted Cruz came in first and won the Republican caucuses and Marco Rubio made a much stronger showing than was expected, and although Hillary Clinton won in […]