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Apple online-music antitrust probe

May 26th, 2010 in Law 0 comments

Department of Justice sealThe Justice Department reportedly is in the early stages of an antitrust investigation against Apple Inc., the largest seller of music online, looking into allegations that it used its dominant market position to try to keep music labels from granting exclusive access to content to Amazon.comLaw Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, says it makes sense for Apple to trim market support for certain songs when gets a smaller share of the profits from their sale — but they’re gotten aggressive about it lately.

“There are details that might indicate that they have gone too far in some instances; that remains to be seen.  Still, in the long run, consumers generally gain from this activity.”

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SCOTUS slaps down NFL

May 24th, 2010 in Law 0 comments

NFL logoIn a unanimous vote, the Supreme Court denied the National Football League its goal of broad protection from antitrust suits.  The high court ruled on a case involving a license for making souvenir caps and sent to back to a lower court to further consideration allegations by a smaller company that challenged the league’s 10-year exclusive deal with ReebokLaw Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, says it is understandable that the court would be reluctant to expand the “single entity” concept to include the NFL.  Meantime, Sports Journalism Professor Frank Shorr says this could be the “watershed moment.”

Keith Hylton:

“‘Single entity’ status implies exemption from Section 1 of the Sherman Act, and the Court is reluctant to create broad exemptions to Section 1 when the effects may not be entirely clear.”

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Frank Shorr:

“It will be interesting to see if the court now expands it’s view of the National Football League’s long-standing policies.  Today it’s hats. Tomorrow, who knows — uniforms, helmets, wrist bands — anything that they can make a profit on and not have to share.  We could be looking back on this decision in the not-to-distant future and saying, that was the watershed moment.”

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Google/AdMob deal okayed

May 21st, 2010 in Technology 0 comments

Google on laptopDespite concerns that Google could extend its Internet marketing dominance into the emerging field of wireless devices, federal regulators approved the company’s $750 million purchase of its mobile advertising rival AdMobLaw Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, said it looks like the right decision given rapid changes in the market such as rival Apple buying the third largest mobile ad network, Quattro Wireless.  Besides, he said, Google doesn’t seemed worried about antitrust threats from the Obama administration.

“[Google] appears to have the administration working diligently on its side on the net neutrality issue, and that is probably worth a lot more than these relatively minor antitrust issues.”

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