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Professor Voices — Incarcerated women need help through criminal justice reform, too

The public demand for criminal justice reform in the United States has grown exponentially over the past couple of years, evident in media coverage and the current presidential election. Incarcerated people of color and imprisoned non-violent drug offenders are often cited as examples of the Department of Justice’s flaws — however, some experts believe that […]

Professor Voices — N.H. primary results show big win for political “outsiders”

Today, New Hampshire voters cast ballots all over the Granite State in the first primary of the 2016 presidential election. Republicans chose Donald Trump, and Democrats chose Bernie Sanders, following pollsters’ predictions. Virginia Sapiro is a Boston University professor of political science and an expert on public opinion, political behavior and electoral politics. She is also […]

Professor Voices — 2016 Iowa caucuses explained, analyzed

The Iowa caucuses took place yesterday, Feb. 1, and were the first major electoral event decision point in of the nominating process for the United States’ next president. Ted Cruz came in first and won the Republican caucuses and Marco Rubio made a much stronger showing than was expected, and although Hillary Clinton won in […]

Professor Voices — Internet levels playing field for “long shot” candidates

Defying expectations, Bernie Sanders is ahead in New Hampshire, and tied with Hillary Clinton in Iowa as the race to be the Democratic nominee continues. Nationally, Sanders’ numbers are also on the rise. What has contributed to Sanders’ success? A lot of it may have to do with the web. The 74-year-old candidate has raised […]