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Joan Salge Blake and Hardin Coleman talk about health & nutrition education and healthy school lunches

September 1st, 2010 in Education Issues, Health, Nutrition 0 comments

Registered Dietitian and Sargent Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake and School of Education Dean Hardin Coleman joined us this morning on UStream for a live chat about the importance of healthy school lunches. They also talked about the importance of health and nutrition education. You can view the full chat below:

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From Joan Salge Blake:

January 22nd, 2010 in advertising, Health, Media, Nutrition, Public Health 0 comments

In response to a recent article in AdAge magazine reporting that the Spanish government is planning to ban some diet and beauty TV Ads before 10 PM:


“This is a terrific first step in easing the constant visual reminders of the unrealistic, body weight often portrayed in the media and viewed by young, vulnerable individuals who feel pressured to be ‘thin at all health costs.’  Continued monitoring and viligence of these unhealthy media messages needs to continue to avoid a shift from television advertising to Internet advertising, especially on popular social media websites that are heavily used by this age group.”

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Eating healthy should not be an financial decision

July 15th, 2009 in Nutrition 0 comments


Convenient and inexpensive health foods like the potato and canned veggies are making a comeback in the current economic climate.  Public Health Officials here in the US are encouraging people to lo0k for cheaper alternatives to the mixed green-based diet people maintained before the recession.  Registered Dietition and nutrition professor Joan Salge Blake can offer healthy, inexpensive recipes and tips and can be contacted at salgeblake@comcast.net or (978) 436-0341.

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