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Experiences of Racism Linked to Adult-Onset Asthma in African-American Women

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 15, 2013 Contact: Gina DiGravio, (617) 638-8480, gina.digravio@bmc.org (Boston) – According to a new study from the Slone Epidemiology Center (SEC) at Boston University, African-American women who reported more frequent experiences of racism had a greater likelihood of adult-onset asthma compared to women who reported less frequent experiences.   The study, […]

Global warming will also lead to more allergy and asthma sufferers

Today’s warming climate changes is making pollen season last longer, as damp areas of the country will get wetter impacting those with mold allergies while in drier areas pollens and other airborne irritants will become more a problem along withy an influx of insects.  What can people do? Make sure they know what their specific allergy is and be aware of […]