Mary C. Beaudry

Associate Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology
PhD, Brown University, 1980

Mary C. Beaudry Mary C. Beaudry is the chair of the department of archaeology and a member of the editorial advisory board. She specializes in Post-Medieval Archaeology, Vestigios: Revista Latinoamericana de Arqueologia Historica, and Cultural Landscapes. Professor Beaudry’s areas of interest include historical and industrial archaeology of the Americas and British Isles, comparative colonialism, culture contact, gender and equity issues in archaeology, the archaeology of historical households and homelots, documentary archaeology, landscape, ceramic analysis and typologies. Her current field projects include investigations at several historical home sites in Massachusetts and at the colonial William Carr Estate at Little Bay, Montserrat, West Indies.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Historical archaeology in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and British Isles (colonial, post-colonial and industrial sites)
  • Professionalism and ethics in archaeology
  • Cultural resource management
  • Archaeological method and theory
  • Women in archaeology
  • Anthropology of food and foodways