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The Rise of the Working Class Shareholder

October 2nd, 2018in 2018, David Webber, Newsmakers, School of Law

Harvard Law School Forum

David Webber

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“In my recently published book, The Rise of the Working Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon (Harvard University Press 2018), I tell the story of a largely invisible group of activists who have learned to use the shareholder power of public pension funds and labor union funds to advance the interests of their worker-contributors…”

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Using Big Data, Machine Learning to Reduce Chronic Disease Spending


Yannis Paschalidis

Researchers at Boston University are using machine learning and big data to reduce healthcare spending on chronic conditions, including diabetes and heart disease.

Expert Quote: “Using machine learning to come up with personalized predictions and recommendations will significantly strengthen prevention efforts. Better prevention can not only improve outcomes for individuals, but also substantially reduce healthcare spending.”

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Too Many Corporations Act For The Short-Term. That Should Change

August 30th, 2018in 2018, David Webber, Newsmakers, School of Law


David Webber

As long-term investors, we want corporations to be thinking about the future. Unfortunately, from our vantage point, short-term thinking has become endemic on Wall Street. While CEOs publicly profess their commitment to the long-term interests of shareholders, too often we see how their actions directly contradict their words…

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“In my view, the global capital market is the most powerful institution on earth…”

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Will Pension Fund Power Be Dissolved?

Public Affairs Council

David Webber

Public and private pension funds in the U.S. totaled about $20 trillion in 2015. These assets represent “real world clout” that public employees and labor unions “have not wielded for decades,” according to David Webber writing in The Rise of the Working-Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon…

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“There are economic, political and legal reasons that unions are not as powerful as they once were. Economically, we’ve lost manufacturing jobs to Asia. Politically, the National Labor Relations Board has been hostile to unions, and the Democratic Party is not the stalwart in defense of workers’ interests as it used to be…”

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Fear and Suspicion Hinder Congo Medics in Ebola Battle


Nahid Bhadelia

With more than twice as many Ebola outbreaks as any other country since the virus was discovered in 1976, Congolese are familiar with its destructive power, yet fear and suspicion of medical authorities are still hindering efforts at containment…

Expert Quote:

“By doing something violent you’d be creating greater distrust.”

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Health expert speaks on challenges of containing Ebola virus


CNBC Africa

Nahid Bhadelia

Now that the Ebola virus outbreak is slowly looming into the region we’re starting to be a bit more proactive on how we handle it…

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“…I think the main thing to start with is that the situation at the DRC’s very different than what it was in West Africa…This is the tenth Ebola outbreak in the DRC…”

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