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Same-Sex Marriage Fits In Fine With History

Women’s eNews By Caryl Rivers, College of Communication In oral argument before the Supreme Court over whether same-sex marriage should be legal across the nation, attorney John Bursch argued for the state of Michigan that the answer should be no. He claimed that marriage had existed for millennia to ensure that parents bonded with their […]

Why ’50 Shades of Grey’ Is Turnoff for Real Women

Women’s eNews By Caryl Rivers, College of Communication The first Valentine I got as a kid featured a huge red heart, a cute little white kitten and the words “Be My Valentine.” What a long way from “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the violent soft core porn flick producers saw fit to release on Valentine’s Day… View full article […]

Apple and Facebook Put the Biological Clock on Ice

Women’s eNews Co-written by Caryl Rivers, College of Communication Are Facebook’s and Apple’s new policies good for women? The two companies made headlines recently by announcing that they would pay for “egg freezing” for female employees. The procedure will allow women to preserve the viability of their eggs if they wanted to halt their “biological clock” […]