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Trump Made a Media Survey That’s More Rant Than Science

Wired Carey Morewedge, Questrom School of Business Yesterday afternoon, following a contentious press conference, President Donald Trump’s campaign team sent his supporters links to an online questionnaire called the Mainstream Media Accountability Survey… Expert quote: ““A lot of these questions are designed in a way to confirm a particular hypothesis,” says Carey Morewedge, an associate professor […]

Your healthy lifestyle won’t necessarily make you healthier

Wired By Sandro Galea, School of Public Health BEFORE YOU READ this, take a moment to Google “lifestyle and health.” If you do, you will be confronted by over a half-billion results. That figure is mind-boggling—but it’s not surprising when you consider how central the notion of “lifestyle” is to our conception of health… View full […]

The Best Bet for Alien Life May Be in Planetary Systems Very Different From Ours

Wired Philip Muirhead, College of Arts & Sciences In the hunt for extraterrestrial life, scientists started by searching for a world orbiting a star just like the sun. After all, the steady warmth of that glowing yellow ball in the sky makes life on Earth possible… View full article quoting expert Philip Muirhead

Bouncing water droplets could be used to charge phones

Wired Chuanhua Duan, College of Engineering Imagine a situation in which a small device could charge smartphones or other electronic items using only the humidity in the air, while also producing clean water… Expert quote: “Getting power from a condensation process is definitely a novel idea, as condensation is mainly used for thermal management. Recent studies […]