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Will TPP still be part of Obama’s legacy?

The Straits Times William Grimes, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies United States Trade Representative Michael Froman said recently that the Obama administration is open to exploring potential fixes to objections raised against the 12-nation Pacific Rim trade pact… Expert quote: “At this point, it seems the most likely timing would […]

Japan Prime Minister Shinzō Abe begins US tour with visit to Boston

International Business Times William Grimes, College of Arts & Sciences Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe honoured the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing along with his wife on 27 April… Expert quote: “This is an important moment in US-Japan relations. The Asia-Pacific looks increasingly likely to shift to a new bipolar system, and the US-Japan alliance […]

Protests Aside, Hong Kong’s Status As Financial Center Is Not In Jeopardy

International Business Times William Grimes, College of Arts & Sciences The current protests won’t dislodge Hong Kong from its central role as a top financial market and global business center. The future challenge of Shanghai might, but for now the mass movement that has brought business as usual to a halt hasn’t shown signs of […]

‘Call of Duty’ heads to China. But who will be the enemy? William Grimes, College of Arts & Sciences Every bloodthirsty, militaristic first-person shooter video game needs an enemy — but it’s not always clear who that should be… Expert quote: “If you have naval combat over islands, everybody will know what that is, but there’s plausible deniability.” View full article

Tokyo stocks soar on BoJ easing plan

AFP William Grimes, College of Arts & Sciences Tokyo stocks soared on Friday, hitting record volumes as investors embraced sweeping new Bank of Japan stimulus measures which sent the yen plunging, spelling good news for the key export sector… Expert quote: “Deflationary expectations are much more firmly entrenched among Japanese companies and consumers (now). Also, […]