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We Talked To Five Public-Health Experts About The Cdc’s New Anti-Opioid Campaign. They Don’t Think It’s Going To Work. – Getting people to eschew risky painkiller prescriptions isn’t as easy as persuading them to buy body wash, researchers warn.

Pacific Standard William DeJong Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched an advertising campaign aimed at reducing addictions and deaths that are linked to prescription opioids. Expert quote: “It wasn’t until there were changes in policy and enforcement, changes in the law, coupled with offering steps you could take to avoid it, like the designated […]

Study: ‘Case closed’ – drinking age of 21 saves lives

Boston Herald William DeJong, School of Public Health A BU public health researcher is hoping to eighty-six any further debate about rolling back the nationwide legal drinking age of 21 with a new study that argues the law saves lives — even though underage youths widely disregard it… Expert quote: “I really wanted the public […]