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7News Special Report: Thin to Win

WHDH Paula Quatromoni, College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College She could tell you where she won every medal… Expert quote: “There are so many things that are unique to the sport environment in terms of the pressures, the expectations, the pressure to perform, the pressure to win, scholarship dollars.” View full article and […]

Red Brick And Beyond: How Boston Architecture Works & The Truth About City Hall

WGBH News Keith Morgan, College of Arts & Sciences The sensible and world-wise decision of the Walsh administration not to cave in, as Mayor Tom Menino did, to misguided populist demands that the city tear down Kallman and McKinnel’s new City Hall — a building lauded globally as one of the triumphs of Boston architecture […]

Living with allergies

WHDH Frederic Little, School of Medicine ‘Tis the season for allergies, and with pollen counts on the rise, allergies are hard to avoid… Expert quote: “Particularly difficult season for allergy sufferers largely for tree pollen, which is what we are in the midst of right now.” View full article and video