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A Crazy Week in Politics

WGBH “Greater Boston” Tom Whalen, College of General Studies It was high drama in Congress, as house democrats staged all night sit in, demanding action on gun control legislation they say is being held up by the republicans. The majority party, the republicans, controls the video feed and turned it off… View full article and […]

Shift In Cambridge Policing Stems From 2009 Arrest Of Henry Louis Gates

WGBH News Shea Cronin, Metropolitan College As Officer Mike Daniliuk heads towards the basketball court at the Frisoli Youth Center, he greets several black teens with a friendly handclasp-turned-shoulder bump… Expert quote: “There’s been studies that have shown that when law enforcement officers engage in procedurally just practice, people are more likely to obey the […]

Sheriff Warns That New White House Drug Policy Could Be Boon To Prison Suboxone Smuggling

WGBH News Alexander Walley, School of Medicine Call it the opioid face-off… Expert quote: “While I respect the view of the corrections personnel in their concern about buprenorphine being smuggled in, one of the major reasons it’s being smuggled in is because they aren’t treating people with it. It is really the standard of care […]