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The Diet Soda Debate

WebMD Joan Salge Blake, College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College When you’re trying to lose weight or keep off extra pounds, can diet soda help? While it has fewer calories than regular soda, some studies show it fuels your sweet tooth… Expert quote: “They don’t cause weight gain, but we don’t know yet if they […]

How do you know if you’re having a panic attack or just a normal reaction to stress?

WebMD David Barlow, College of Arts & Sciences, Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders Army Sgt. Georg-Andreas Pogany didn’t know what was happening to him. His head throbbed, Pogany told The New York Times and The Gazette of Colorado Springs, Colo. His chest ached and his stomach rebelled. He shook for hours with an overwhelming sense that he could […]