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Policies For Transgender High School Athletes Vary From State To State

WBUR “CommonHealth” Joshua Safer, School of Medicine Crack. A bright pink aluminum bat connects with a fluorescent yellow softball, sending it toward woods that border Ponaganset High School in northwest Rhode Island. The left fielder runs in and makes the catch… Expert quote: “Men have about 15 percent more, using crude calculations, relative to women, for things […]

Weight Gain, Heart Disease, Back Pain: Longer Car Commutes May Harm Your Health

WBUR “CommonHealth” Jonathan Levy, School of Public Health Four years ago, Barbara Huntress-Rather got a great job, as director of quality improvement for a health care company that serves fragile seniors. Just one problem: She lived in Lawrence, and the new job was in Lynn… Expert quote: “You potentially have a triple whammy, where you’re […]

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attacks In Brussels, Mass. Leaders And Thinkers React

WBUR “Radio Boston” Jessica Stern, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies The Belgian capital is in lock down following a series of terrorist attacks that killed more than 30 people and injured at least 230 more… Listen to audio of expert Jessica Stern

With Case Backlogs Rising, Immigration Courts Struggle To Protect The ‘Vulnerable’

WBUR Sarah Sherman-Stokes, School of Law Sitting in a small shared office space at the Boston University Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, Sarah Sherman-Stokes, a clinical teaching fellow, instructs a young client from El Salvador about his next appointment in immigration court… Expert quote: “People are facing really life or death situations and many of them don’t […]

Even Before Pregnancy, Your Health Matters: Mom’s Obesity Linked To Higher Risk Of Baby’s Death

WBUR “CommonHealth” Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health You know how it goes: The moment the pregnancy test is positive, you give up alcohol, you cut out coffee, you try to make every bite count and limit your weight gain to healthy norms. You’re suddenly responsible for two… Expert quote: “Since this involves pre-pregnancy obesity […]