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‘A National Embarrassment': Maternal Mortality Rate Rises In The U.S.

WBUR “CommonHealth” Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health If keeping moms alive while pregnant and in the weeks just after birth is a good barometer of health care in a country, the U.S. looks pretty bad… Expert quote: “Our rates are comparable to Iran, the Ukraine and Russia, not countries we generally want to compare […]

Echoes Of McCarthy: Will Trump Pay A Political Price For His Apparent Lack Of ‘Decency’?

WBUR “Cognoscenti” By Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Donald Trump’s recent contretemps with the Gold Star family of a Muslim-American war hero brings to mind another famously misguided character assassination that politically misfired over half a century ago… View full article by expert Tom Whalen

Vaping Is Cool, Smoking Is Not: Could Rise Of Teen E-Cig Use Have An Upside?

WBUR “CommonHealth” Avrum Spira, School of Medicine Michael Siegel, School of Public Health Smoking has never been cool in my lifetime. But e-cigs are different, sort of… Expert quote (Siegel): “People are going to do behaviors that are not necessarily good for them. Let’s at least minimize the risk. That is going to save so many […]