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A mysterious skull adds new twist to old legend of Kabul’s ‘cruel king’

Washington Post Thomas Barfield, College of Arts & Sciences Nearly everyone here knows the legend. Kabul residents recite it at random moments, whenever they catch sight of Sher Darwaza Mountain in the distance… Expert quote: “When skeletons or skulls come up, it’s easy to weave stories around them. Often they are comments on what is […]

Obama’s final year in office shaping up to be one of genuine relevance

Washington Post Bruce Schulman, College of Arts & Sciences It was not so long ago that many observers were arguing that it was time to slide Barack Obama’s presidency onto the bookshelf labeled history… Expert quote: “LBJ was a legislative wizard. By normal standards, he was successful on Capitol Hill as a lame duck, but […]

Trump spurns a powerful player in GOP politics in falling-out with Fox

Washington Post John Carroll, College of Communication They’ve called each other names. They’ve mocked, belittled, skewered and slimed… Expert quote: “This may be a situation where Donald Trump was too clever by half. It may have been a gambit to get concessions, but when Fox rightly told him to take a hike, he was boxed […]

Wondering if you have the gene linked to Alzheimer’s? You may have to leave the U.S. to find out

Washington Post George Annas, School of Public Health Suppose you want to know if you have the gene linked to Alzheimer’s disease, or the one for breast cancer, or the one pertaining to how you handle caffeine… Expert quote: “To say there’s information about yourself that you can’t have – that’s certainly a tough sell […]

Is the Islamic State a government or a criminal gang? The answer will determine how we fight.

Washington Post By Neta Crawford, College of Arts & Sciences When French Prime Minister François Hollande described the Islamic State’s attacks on Paris as an “act of war,” he set the stage for an immediate retaliation. In their understandable fear and anger, like many Americans immediately after 9/11, the French have hardly paused to ask […]

7 country study on fairness: Kids everywhere can’t stand getting less — but in some places they don’t like getting more

Washington Post Peter Blake, College of Arts & Sciences Life isn’t fair.  That universal truth is something that children seem to understand almost intuitively at a young age, but the path through which they develop a sense of what’s fair and what isn’t — and how they act on injustices — is something that has been a […]

A third of the economy is at stake — and patent trolls are to blame

Washington Post By James Bessen, School of Law By Michael Meurer, School of Law Patent lawsuits have become a big business. Over six times as many patent lawsuits are filed today as in 1980, and businesses of all sorts have become vocal about the burden of undeserved lawsuits, many over vague or overreaching software patents… […]