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Surgeon general calls youth e-cigarette smoking ‘a major public health concern’

Washington Post Michael Siegel, School of Public Health The surgeon general on Thursday called the skyrocketing use of e-cigarettes among youth “a major public health concern,” saying that while more research needs to be done on its potential harms, policymakers should take strong action to keep the products out of the hands of the nation’s […]

Shadowy forces are fighting for control of your local movie theater

Washington Post John Carroll, College of Communication On a sweltering day this summer, a handful of protesters gathered outside an AMC movie theater in Times Square, holding red signs proclaiming “AMC = American Movie Communists.”… Expert quote: “The odds are that it’s the film-making community. They certainly have a dog in this fight.” View full […]

The unexpected answer to the biggest mystery of the American Revolution

Washington Post Brendan McConville, College of Arts & Sciences In the grade-school version of American history, the Revolutionary War seems like a righteous inevitability… Expert quote: “It raised the constitutional problem of who’s in control — where’s the ultimate location of sovereignty.” View full article

Teaching Dylan: ‘His work as a whole is as staggering as that of Homer or Shakespeare’

Washington Post Kevin Barents & Jeremy Yudkin, College of Arts & Sciences Bob Dylan, the surprise winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature, has long been the subject of college courses around the country for both his music and his lyrics… Expert quote: “Because Dylan’s music and lyrics are of a far superior quality […]

Hollywood’s love/hate relationship with business

Washington Post Kabrina Krebel Chang, Questrom School of Business “Deepwater Horizon” opened in movie theaters over the weekend, splattering goo once again on the reputation of BP, the British-based oil giant whose bill for the 2010 devastating oil spill is $55 billion and climbing… Expert quote: “Wells Fargo or Deepwater Horizon, pick a scandal. It reinforces […]

Future climate change field test doesn’t make Earth greener

Washington Post Richard Primack, College of Arts & Sciences In the course of a 17-year experiment on more than 1 million plants, scientists put future global warming to a real world test — growing California flowers and grasslands with extra heat, carbon dioxide and nitrogen to mimic a not-so-distant, hotter future… Expert quote: “This study […]

Your manliness could be hurting the planet

Washington Post Carrie Preston, College of Arts & Sciences Researchers have known for decades that women tend to beat men on environmental metrics… Expert quote: “That says what’s feminine is bad, is lesser, is second class,” she said. “Although men’s and women’s roles have changed significantly, masculinity hasn’t changed as much.” View full article

Business and labor don’t have to be enemies

Washington Post By Cathie Jo Martin, College of Arts & Sciences In the United States, the image of a powerful union connotes rapacious groups of workers, jockeying to get perks and salaries beyond what they rightfully deserve. In this zero-sum world, union gains — if unsubstantiated by productivity growth — become public losses… View full […]