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U.S. Attacks Stoke Unease

The Wall Street Journal Jessica Stern, Pardee School of Global Studies, College of Arts & Sciences Three violent attacks over the weekend that left almost 40 people injured remained shrouded in questions, but together they fueled growing fears among authorities about terror assaults by small groups, lone wolves or simply deranged individuals. Expert quote: “The […]

A Crescendo of Sound May Be Behind Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) James O’Donoghue, College of Arts & Sciences The Great Red Spot of Jupiter—the largest storm in the solar system—is hundreds of degrees hotter than anywhere else on the giant planet, astronomers reported Wednesday… View full article referencing expert James O’Donoghue  

Donald Trump Back-Pedals on Banning Muslims From U.S.

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Jessica Stern, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies Donald Trump appears to be backing away from one of his signature and most controversial proposals—banning Muslims from entering the U.S.—as polls show him falling slightly behind Hillary Clinton… Expert quote: “If we’re just talking about jihadi terrorism, […]

Obama Retirement-Savings Rule Faces Industry-Led Court Battle

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Tamar Frankel, School of Law Big business and financial industry trade groups are taking to the courts to block a controversial Obama administration rule shaking up the way Americans receive retirement investment advice, having failed in their long-running fight to stop the regulations in the bureaucracy, or in Congress… Expert […]