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Observers See Several Motives for Eritrean Involvement in Yemen

Voice of America Michael Woldemariam, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Houthi rebels in Yemen is drawing in participants from across the Red Sea… Expert quote: “There’s a lot we don’t know about what this cooperation looks like, what the arrangements look like. But from […]

In Iraq, Syria, Battling to Preserve Cultural Heritage Under Siege

Voice of America Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences The cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq is under siege, suffering collateral damage from years of war and deliberate assaults from the Islamic State and other religious extremists… Expert quote: “A lot of brave men and women in Syria and Iraq are doing everything they […]

New Test Predicts Which Chemicals Could Cause Cancer

Voice of America Stefano Monti, School of Medicine Many chemicals have been linked to the development of cancer, but the cancer-causing potential of thousands of others is unknown.  Now, researchers have developed a simple test that can identify which chemicals have negative long-term health effects… Expert quote: “And basically will help both the regulatory agencies […]

Ukraine Crisis, Sanctions Taking Toll on Russia Economy

Voice of America Igor Lukes, College of Arts & Sciences Although Russian leaders have downplayed the impact of recent U.S. and European sanctions, analysts say capital has been pouring out of the country as risk-averse investors seek safer returns… Expert quote: “I think what has to happen is that the sanctions have to have an […]

Rising US Interest Rates Cause Market Turmoil in Other Nations

Voice of America Cornelius Hurley, School of Law, Center for Finance, Law & Policy The Federal Reserve gave the improving U.S. economy a vote of confidence this past week, saying it no longer needs as much stimulus to keep growing.  The Fed’s actions will raise key U.S. interest rates, but some economists say it has […]