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Report Details Evidence of Sexual Harassment, Inappropriate Behavior at APSA Annual Meetings

Diverse Virginia Sapiro A new study by the American Political Science Association found that a “sizable” minority of women have experienced harassment or other inappropriate behavior at the annual meeting of the APSA… Expert quote: “Even in those cases where the percentage of members experiencing such incidents may be low, the number is nonetheless disconcerting.” […]

Study thyself: Political scientists assess extent of sexual harassment at their annual meeting

Science Magazine Virginia Sapiro, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “The letter was blunt: The annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) should be an opportunity to communicate with colleagues, not a chance to proposition them…” Expert Quote: “We don’t know whether the prevalence is 4% or 40%.” View full article. 

Are millennials actually having less sex than Gen X-ers?

Boston Globe (subscription required) Virginia Sapiro, College of Arts & Sciences Much has been said about millennials, currently the country’s most scrutinized generation… Expert quote: “When I was young, most women just expected that men would pressure them to have sex. It’s possible that we’ve moved more toward a culture of respect, where in more […]

Despite Progress On Women’s Equality, Former Professor Says Barriers Still Exist

Wisconsin Public Radio “The Kathleen Dunn Show” Virginia Sapiro, College of Arts & Sciences The first-ever United State of Women summit took place at the White House on Tuesday, bringing together women from around the world to celebrate the progress made on gender equity, but also to look at the work that still needs to be […]

Professor Voices — The Final Super Tuesday, and the road ahead

Virginia Sapiro is a Boston University professor of political science and an expert on public opinion, political behavior and electoral politics. She is also a former director of the American National Election Studies, the major scholarly survey of American voters that has been in operation since 1948. She broke down the results of what the media has called […]

Hillary Clinton Supporters Eager For Her To Face Donald Trump In 2016 Presidential Race

International Business Times Virginia Sapiro, College of Arts & Sciences Hillary Clinton has said the antidote to Donald Trump is “love and kindness.”… Expert quote: “Rubio has decided to fight Trump for the people who are supporting Trump. Hillary will not win that group, she doesn’t need that group and she doesn’t want that group. […]