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Brits in USA to follow ‘Brexit’ vote from across the pond

USA Today Graham Wilson, College of Arts & Sciences, Initiative on Cities When England scored a 92nd-minute goal to defeat Wales in the European soccer tournament Thursday, British citizens watching the telecast at the Queen Vic old English pub here jumped to their feet and erupted in cheers, their midday bitters arrayed before them on the bar… Expert quote: […]

U.K. assassination casts shadow over ‘Brexit’ campaigns

USA Today Graham Wilson, Initiative on Cities, College of Arts & Sciences The heated campaign over whether Britain should leave the European Union came to an abrupt halt Thursday following the assassination of a member of Parliament who played a visible role campaigning for continued membership in the EU… Expert quote: “One warning of this for politicians in […]

Vying for the faithful in Iowa: Column

USA Today By Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences The Iowa caucus has long been a religious affair. In 2012, over half of Republican caucus-goers were white evangelicals, and the group is a sizable minority presence in the Democratic Party as well… View full article by expert Stephen Prothero 

TV, the old king of U.S. politics, faces mortality

USA Today Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communication Both presidential candidates, one the year’s big surprise and the other its big disappointment, were talking about television, for a half century the dominant weapon of national politics… Expert quote: “TV is powerful. It’s visual, it’s emotional, it reaches into homes. And you can run an ad a zillion […]