Boston University students get schooled on weed

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Boston University students get schooled on weed

USA Today Seth Blumenthal, College of Arts & Sciences The first day of class is usually filled with a few awkward silences, the professor going over the syllabus in excruciating detail and maybe a cliché icebreaker or two… Expert quote: “I am always looking for the most controversial topics. This was a fascinating issue that, in a […]

Coffee costs more? Not really. How breakfast prices changed over time

USA Today Merry White, College of Arts & Sciences For Starbucks addicts, breakfast fuel just got more expensive… Expert quote: “People experiment with the rest of their day,” but breakfast “is a ritualized meal. Americans like their eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, coffee, orange juice and breakfast cereals.” View full article

Pizza Hut to test Uber-like delivery

USA Today Christopher Muller, School of Hospitality Administration The delivery driver is suddenly becoming more closely-watched than Kim Kardashian… Expert quote: “Millennials and Gen Z are so completely comfortable with the instant info-sharing of text, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat that it is inconceivable to them that delivery info is not built in to any system […]

Google faces trouble abroad

USA Today Keith Hylton, School of Law Facing intensifying scrutiny from regulators, Google is conducting one of its most important searches yet: for an answer to its growing problem in Europe… Expert quote: “The European process is not one in which American tech companies have prevailed. That puts Google in the position of potentially having to […]

McDonald’s to ban chicken treated with human antibiotics

USA Today Christopher Muller, School of Hospitality Administration In a move that could influence the way chicken is produced and consumed in the U.S., McDonald’s says that over the next two years it will stop using chicken treated with antibiotics commonly used for humans… Expert quote: “It will change things for everyone.” View full article