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Inosine treatment for brain injuries may help motor function recovery

United Press International Tara Moore, School of Medicine A naturally-occurring purine nucleoside improved restoration of motor function in a small study with primates that sustained brain injuries, suggesting the treatment could work for humans with similar impairments… Expert quote: “In the clinical context, the enhanced recovery of grasp pattern suggests that inosine facilitates greater recovery […]

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is heating the gas giant’s upper atmosphere

United Press International James O’Donoghue, College of Arts & Sciences Jupiter’s upper atmosphere is significantly hotter than can be explained by solar radiation alone… Expert quote: “With solar heating from above ruled out, we designed observations to map the heat distribution over the entire planet in search for any temperature anomalies that might yield clues […]

Antibiotic may prevent severe respiratory illnesses in children

United Press International Robyn Cohen, School of Medicine Doctors are advised not to prescribe antibiotics for the common cold and other routine illnesses, however new research shows children prone to respiratory tract infections when they get sick could benefit from early treatment with azithromycin… Expert quote: “These kids are basically fine until they get a […]

Tool developed to predict patient need for life support

United Press International Allan Walkey, School of Medicine Using a series of point factors based on health conditions, researchers have developed a tool to help doctors predict a person’s five-year risk for needing life support… Expert quote: “We anticipate that a tool that improves the identification of people who are at risk for needing life […]

Promising Alzheimer’s research stalled by lack of volunteers for studies

United Press International Robert Stern, School of Medicine, Alzheimer’s Disease Center Researchers suggest that by 2020, the number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease will have tripled, from about 5 to 15 million people. In the meantime, research into the best ways to prevent and treat the disease will continue… Expert quote: “It is in […]

Trees at Walden Pond putting out leaves earlier with climate change

United Press International Richard Primack, College of Arts & Sciences Trees at Walden Pond are leafing almost 18 days earlier than when Henry David Thoreau made observations at the Massachusetts lake in the 1850s, a study found… Expert quote: “By comparing historical observations with current experiments, we see that climate change is creating a whole new risk […]

Worldwide effort identifies 11 new Alzheimer’s genes

United Press International Lindsay Farrer, School of Medicine, School of Public Health, Alzheimer’s Disease Center A collaborative worldwide effort resulted in the identification of 11 new Alzheimer’s genes — doubling the potential for medications, U.S. researchers say… View full article

More Oversight Does Not Lower Alcohol Abuse, Study Says

United Press International Richard Saitz, School of Medicine People with alcohol and other drug dependence problems who receive more intensive therapies, such as counseling, social work assistance and other education activities, are no less likely to stop abusing these substances than those who receive typical primary care, according to a study from the Boston Medical […]