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POV: Where is Europe while Ukraine burns?

BU Today By William Keylor, College of Arts & Sciences A European Union policy last year is at the root of the Ukrainian conflict that saw last Friday’s horrific downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane (by pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists, according to the United States). The Union offered Ukraine an “association agreement” designed to tighten the […]

Russia’s Crimea takeover breeding anarchy and fear throughout East

Los Angeles Times Walter Connor, College of Arts & Sciences Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unimpeded success in annexing Crimea has inspired Russian nationalists in eastern Ukraine to seize territory and sown fear region-wide that such provocations will spur Moscow to intervene on behalf of ethnic Russians… Expert quote: “The mob actions taking place in the eastern cities are not […]

Obama sanctions more Russians over Crimea, but keeps US energy weapon sheathed

Christian Science Monitor Walter Connor, College of Arts & Sciences President Obama stepped up the US response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea Thursday, blocking an additional 20 Russians from visiting or doing business with the United States. Most are prominent Russian oligarchs with ties to banks and occupy government posts… Expert quote: “The U.S. must take a long […]

Experts: Russia will take Crimea

Boston Herald Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Crimea is almost certain to be annexed by Moscow following today’s referendum, experts said, while one local Ukrainian fears it could lead to future bloodshed with Russian President Vladimir Putin poised to flex his military muscle in a hostile takeover of the country… Expert quote: “Crimea is […]