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Liberal record could ‘destroy’ Deval Patrick’s chances

Boston Herald Tracey Maclin, School of Law Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Deval Patrick would face a bruising Senate confirmation hearing if President Obama were to nominate the former Bay State governor — one of his closest political allies — to the Supreme Court, legal and political experts say… Expert quotes: Maclin: “Deval Patrick […]

Fighting transgender politics

Boston Herald Tracey Maclin, School of Law A Cambridge transgender woman, outraged that convicted wife killer Michelle Kosilek could receive a free gender reassignment operation that health insurers refuse to cover for law-abiding citizens, has filed suit demanding the same right to tax-funded surgery — a move critics say could mark the beginning of a […]

Madison, Aghast?

New York Sun Tracey Maclin, School of Law “Aghast” is the word that a United States district judge uses to describe how the author of the Constitution, James Madison, would react to the collection of metadata by the National Security Agency… View full article