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Huge surge in early voting could be good news for Clinton

Vanity Fair Tom Whalen, College of General Studies While there are still 13 days left in the interminable 2016 election, more than 12 million people have already cast their ballots as of Wednesday… Expert quote: Tom Whalen, a professor at Boston University, estimates that 40 percent of voters might cast their ballot early in this […]

Bush’s letter to Clinton: Even bitter elections can bring polite power transfers

Christian Science Monitor Thomas Whalen, College of General Studies Following this campaign season can be stress-inducing. Apart from the typical mud-slinging in every election, there were pointed insults, occasional violence, and a seeming void of personal relationship between the two candidates who didn’t even shake hands in the third and final debate. Expert quote: “The […]

Kaine/Pence VP debate promises more substance, less excitement

Sinclair Broadcast Group Tom Whalen, College of General Studies After two months of headlining rallies and fundraisers in the shadows of two of the most well-known and least-liked presidential candidates in history, vice presidential nominees Tim Kaine and Mike Pence step into the spotlight to debate at Longwood University on Tuesday night… Expert quote: “They’ve […]