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US Elections Expose Weakness of Key Political Parties During Nomination Process

Sputnik International Thomas Whalen, College of General Studies This year’s presidential election exposed an inner weakness of US political parties and their inability to control the nomination process. Expert quote: “It’s really kind of revolt against the establishment in both parties. We started with the democratic primary with Bernie Sanders coming close to overturning Hillary Clinton’s nomination. Then Donald Trump just […]

Despite FBI review news, presidential race still Hillary Clinton’s to lose

Deutsche Welle Tom Whalen, College of General Studies The latest turn in this unpredictable presidential election saga may have thrown a life line to Donald Trump’s troubled campaign, said experts, but so far it hasn’t changed the basic dynamics of the race for the White House with Clinton still favoured to win… Expert quote: As […]

Debate question flap boosts ‘rigged’ narrative

Boston Herald Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Revelations that Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile received questions to a debate and a town hall event as a CNN contributor — then passed them on to Hillary Clinton’s aides — further fueled Donald Trump’s argument that the system is rigged and the former secretary […]

Huge surge in early voting could be good news for Clinton

Vanity Fair Tom Whalen, College of General Studies While there are still 13 days left in the interminable 2016 election, more than 12 million people have already cast their ballots as of Wednesday… Expert quote: Tom Whalen, a professor at Boston University, estimates that 40 percent of voters might cast their ballot early in this […]