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Would an Iowa win make Trump unstoppable? Not necessarily

Sinclair Broadcast Group Tom Whalen, College of General Studies Ted Cruz recently warned a group of Iowa pastors that a Donald Trump victory in the Iowa caucus could make the billionaire “unstoppable” in the race for the Republican presidential nomination… Expert quote: “New Hampshire is the real testing ground.” View full article

Can Trump use Palin’s powers for good?

Sinclair Broadcast Group Tom Whalen, College of General Studies With only ten days before the 2008 election a CNN article quoted aides of then-Presidential candidate, John McCain describing Sarah Palin as “going rogue.”… Expert quote: “She’s certainly a political brand name who still has popularity among the Tea Party Crowd, this is kind of a […]

Cleveland getting ready for Republican National Convention

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Tom Whalen, College of General Studies On the side of a Downtown building hangs a 10-story mural of LeBron James facing a crowd, muscled arms raised in swagger, the city’s name splayed across the back of his uniform jersey… Expert quote: “It’s going to be compelling television viewing.” View full article

Experts media alert – State of the Union 2016

President Obama is set to deliver his final State of the Union Address. Boston University presidential historian Tom Whalen shares his thoughts on the president’s last address: “Like all second termers delivering their final State of the Union address, President Obama will try mightily to show he is still politically relevant. He will remind the […]