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How Far Should Journalists Go When Probing The Private Lives Of Political Candidates?

WBUR “Radio Boston” Tom Fiedler, College of Communication As Massachusetts voters prepare to elect a new governor, one of the perennial questions in a political race involves how far the press should probe a candidate’s private life. Matt Bai, a reporter for The New York Times, wrote about this recently in a piece he called, “Original […]

George Will’s Ethical Problems Continue With The Kochs And AFP

Media Matters for America Tom Fiedler, College of Communication Washington Post columnist George Will deepened his ethically challenged connections to big-money conservative groups by participating in an Americans for Prosperity summit where prominent Republican presidential hopefuls made their pitch to major donors… View full article quoting expert Tom Fiedler

N.H. Senate candidates rebuffing tax return requests

Boston Globe (subscription required) Tom Fiedler, College of Communication There may be no better way to determine whether a politician’s personal interests could pose a conflict than seeing his or her tax return. Yet, as is the case in many congressional campaigns, none of New Hampshire’s Senate candidates have agreed to release their returns… Expert […]

BU dean discusses future of print, media

Boston Herald Tom Fiedler, College of Communication Boston University School of Communications Dean Tom Fiedler toured the Herald newsroom yesterday and predicted the news business will endure in the Internet age with multimedia efforts led by journalists who will continue to deliver quality content…. Expert quote: “The newspaper platform is going to evolve and it’s […]

Washington Times Defends Its Opinion Editor’s Outside Political Endorsements

Media Matters for America Tom Fiedler, College of Communication The Washington Times is defending its opinion editor’s practice of offering personal political endorsements to Republican candidates, which media observers and editorial page editors at others papers say violates journalistic ethics… Expert quote: “Had I, as editor of the editorial page at The Miami Herald, done something akin to […]